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  1. Agenda & Meeting Minutes
  2. Individual Logs
  3. Peer Evaluations & Statements of Personal Contribution

Agenda & Meeting Minutes

Agendas should be written for each team meeting and distributed within 24 hours prior to the meeting date and time. All team members, other meeting invitees, and your team coordinator should receive a copy of the agenda for all meetings.

Meeting minutes should be completed within 24 hours after a meeting and distributed to all team members, other meeting invitees, as well as your team coordinator. The act of composing and sending meeting minutes within a reasonable time period after a meeting helps ensure that everyone is aware of what occurred during the meeting, the outcome of the discussed topics, as well as the tasks each person is responsible for completing.

Sample agenda/meeting minutes are available on course website under Class Notes, Resources.

Sample Agenda

Sample Meeting Minutes

Individual Logs

Throughout the course of the semester, we ask that you keep a detailed log of the work and amount of time you spend on this course. Through the course website, we provide you with a tool that allows you to track how many hours you spend daily on this course. It also allows you to categorize the time spent working, whether individually or with your team.

On average, we expect each student to work 10 hours per week on this project, including in-class time. Please be sure to document all time spent on the project including workdays and lecture time. You may designate team workdays as either time spent individually or working as a team (i.e., with at least one other team member), as appropriate.

The teaching staff monitors your logs regularly, so we suggest that you keep these updated. We will grade the logs on the dates listed on the class calendar.

More details related to individual logs can be reviewed on the course website under Class Notes, Resources.

Examples of poor and good log entries follow.

Sample of Poor Log Entries


Sample of Good Log Entries


Peer Evaluations & Statements of Personal Contribution

Peer Evaluations

Below you will find a copy of the peer evaluation form that we ask you to fill out over the course of the semester regarding your teammates. These evaluations are to be filled out and submitted using the course website. This form is to be completed four times throughout the semester according to the dates specified in the course calendar.

Your evaluation of your teammates is included in the grading scheme. If you do not submit a peer evaluation form for any of the given periods, your own assigned grade for that period will be a 0, regardless of how your fellow teammates have graded you. We do this to ensure that you take the time to thoughtfully and carefully evaluate each team member on the five categories listed, and to encourage you to submit evaluations in a timely manner.

Example Peer Evaluation Form

Statement of Personal Contribution

As a part of the online peer evaluation form, you will see fields for you to describe your contribution for that period. Each Statement of Personal Contribution (four total, one for each evaluation period) is evaluated throughout the semester.

For this statement, you are required to list your specific contribution for that period. You can use a narrative sentence or bullet format, as long as it is clear what your individual contribution to the project has been. If you have worked in pairs on an activity (e.g., pair programming, testing, documentation, etc.), denote that you worked in pairs, and then list and describe your specific task in that activity. Also, please estimate the percentage of the work for that activity and/or specific task that you can claim as yours. Please review the below example of how you could write your Statement of Personal Contribution.

Additionally, if you have supporting evidence of your contribution, we would like to see it. For example, if you were responsible for designing the test plan for your team, in your statement of personal contribution you could refer us to the document and page number with your test plan (e.g., “see Progress Report 2, page 7”). If you are responsible for coding Module X, you could print off the code (or a piece of code) and turn it in to your teaching assistant at the time Personal Contribution Statements are due (same as peer evaluation dates). All items submitted as evidence of personal contribution should have your name, team name, and date in the top right-hand corner. Additionally, if you would like to reference code for review, a brief (one or two sentences) statement should be included to explain the purpose of the code in relation to the project.

Example Statement of Personal Contribution

Statement of Personal Contribution for John Doe

Required Comments:

I worked on the following tasks:

  1. Worked on Progress Report 2 (I wrote the entire design section, as well as assisted in writing the requirements spec). The team, as a whole, reviewed and edited it after Bob compiled the document for us. I was responsible for 25% of the work on the document.
  2. Along with Bob, I worked on the redesign of Module Y (see p. 2 of Progress Report 2 for the redesign of the module). I was responsible for 50% of the work on the redesign of Module Y.
  3. I coded and tested Module X. This module is essentially responsible for retrieving data from the temperature sensors. I was responsible for 100% of the coding of this module and 50% of the testing (Bob assisted with testing). Code for Module X was given to the team coordinator on 3/25 and testing results can be reviewed on p. 7 of Progress Report 2.
  4. Along with Sue, I modified the Python script to handle SSL. Responsible for 50% of the work. (See commits a14fe37..64c9d3f.)
  5. Assisted Sue with her slides for Oral Report 2. Reviewing the slides was a team effort and Sue really did most of the work. We just helped her tweak her slides.

Optional Comments:

  • Bob & Sue have been a pleasure to work with and I think we have all done a good job with our assigned tasks. Tom has been absent a lot this period, and since he has not been around, has not been able to contribute. When he is in lab he is always messaging his friends in other courses, and overall is just not productive. He started off great, but his productivity has decreased greatly. I’d like to set up another task planning session to see if we can facilitate this. I plan on emailing MRH today to see if she can assist us with this.