Professional Communication


You will interact with your sponsor throughout the semester on many occasions and through a variety of formats such as phone, email, video conferencing, and face-to-face. We ask that you treat these interactions as though you were working at a “real” job and maintain a professional decorum.

Written Communication

Email is treated by some people as simply an informal communication tool; however, please keep in mind that your first email to your sponsor is your first interaction with the professionals that you will be working with for the semester. It is important to use proper spelling, grammar, etc. as this is the first impression that the sponsor has of your team.

Anytime you communicate with your sponsor by email, make sure to be clear and concise, and to use proper grammar and spelling. Each of these interactions reflects on yourself and your team.

Also, be logical in deciding which team communications need to include your sponsors. Not all communication between team members needs to include the sponsors; much will contain details that just aren’t important to them. You may find that it is useful to designate one person on the team as the primary contact point responsible for communicating with the sponsor to set up meetings and so forth.

Professional Attire

We do not expect you to dress formally for your in-class meetings and presentations; however, we do ask that you treat these presentations and all of your sponsor meetings as if you were working at a “real” job by wearing appropriate attire. For these meetings, appropriate attire means “business casual.” For example, it would not be appropriate to wear flip-flops and shorts to an on-site meeting with your sponsor. If you have any questions about what “business casual” means, please feel free to discuss this with Ms. Heil.