Final Project Handoff

The Final Project Handoff includes a presentation, system demonstration, and documentation review for faculty and your sponsors.

The presentation is ~15-30 minutes long and usually includes a demonstration of your team’s system. Everyone on your team should attend this event and each team member may present a section(s) of the presentation, if appropriate. Regardless of who decides to present, the entire team should be involved in the preparation of this presentation. Your team should brainstorm ideas that will be covered by the presenters as well as help design visuals. After the presenters decide what they would like to say during the presentation, team members should act as a practice audience for their teammates. You should also time the presentation for the speakers and make sure that it stays within reasonable limits.

After the presentation and demonstration, please prepare to “walk through” your documentation (either electronically or on paper or both), showing your audience design diagrams and test plans/results (for example).

Presenters, if you would like help with your presentation, please make an appointment with Ms. Heil ( at least 3 days in advance of your presentation. We encourage you to do this!

We would like you to use PowerPoint for these presentations, but we are open to supplemental, creative material if you are feeling like being on the adventurous side! Remember, however, that the main point of presentations is to inform your audience, not just entertain them.

We have found that asking a team member to click for you during your presentation is helpful. It allows you some freedom to move about and to focus on speaking instead of on the equipment and tools.

The handoff meeting may be held on campus or at your sponsor’s site on or before the date designated in the class calendar. If you are a presenter, please arrive at sponsor site or campus classroom a bit early so you can prepare for your presentation. Also, please bring at least 4 paper copies of your presentation in handout form (3 slides per page).

Each presenter from your team will be given an individual presentation grade for this presentation. Your entire team will also receive a project progress grade based on the advancement of your project, as evidenced by the content of the handoff.

Your team’s project is expected to be close to completed on the day of your Final Project Hand off to your sponsor. However, if your sponsor or NCSU mentors would like to see additional (or improved) content in your Final Report (and/or Guides), you will have more time to refine them beyond your hand off (i.e., until the designated final exam day/time for the course – please see calendar).