Posters & Pies

At the end of the semester, the Senior Design Center will host Posters & Pies. During this event, one of your team members will give a short presentation about your team’s project to ~350 people in the Hunt Library Auditorium. The audience will be your fellow classmates, friends, family, sponsors, computer science undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and deans of the college.

After the presentations, teams will stand by their project posters and demos and answer questions from a mingling audience in the Hunt Library Duke Energy Hall. Food — pizza pies and dessert pies — and drinks will be served.

Posters & Pies is a team effort. The entire extravaganza takes about 3 hours on the actual day of the event, but there is quite a bit of preparation involved beforehand! The presenter is required to come to a Presenters’ Workshop, a Posters & Pies Preview, and other practice sessions. The other team members are responsible for supporting the presenter (helping with slides and clicking during the event), poster creation (we will supply materials well in advance of the event), and demonstration set-up and tear-down.

Before the event, each team will be responsible for making sure their computer, poster, and any necessary equipment are moved to the demonstration space. Students will be sent information regarding the move of posters, easels, and any hardware needed. Additionally, each team is responsible for ensuring that your team’s materials are returned to your lab space before leaving for the day.

Ms. Heil will select all Posters & Pies presenters. The member of your team who presents at Posters & Pies will be given an individual presentation grade. Additionally, each person’s participation in the event (preparing the poster, moving equipment, running the demo, etc.) will be a factor in their Team Cohesiveness and Individual Contribution grades.

For the event, we ask that all CSC 492 students dress in your “Sunday best”. The gentlemen are not required to wear a suit and tie, but we welcome them if you are comfortable in such attire! Ladies, dresses or appropriate pants are encouraged.

This event is a celebration of your accomplishments and it has a reputation for being fun and fantastic, so enjoy! Please feel free to invite anyone you wish to this event and encourage them to RSVP at the link that will be provided.

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