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Language Coverage Tool Unit Testing Framework Documentation
Java Eclipse: EclEmma
Command-line: Cobertura
JUnit – comes standard in Eclipse EclEmma User Guide
JUnit Eclipse Tutorial
VisualBasic TestDriven .NET MBUnit Post
C# TestDriven .NET NUnit – built-into TestDriven.Net TestDriven .NET QuickStart
C++ Eclipse (CDT): CDT gcov plugin
CPPUnit Unit testing with CPP Unit
CPPUnit Cookbook
C lcov gcov – included in gcc Using Code Coverage in Linux
ASP VisualStudio: TestDriven .NET NUnitAsp NUnitAsp Tutorial
PHP – coverage-html option PHPUnit PHP Unit Testing Tutorial
Ruby rcov Test::Unit (built in) Using rcov
Perl Test::Cover Test::Extreme Local Tutorial
SecondLife n/a A SecondLife Test Script Script Template
Flash/Flex FlexCover FlexUnit
Unit Testing with FlexUnit
Python Python's coverage package unittest a.k.a. PyUnit (built in) unittest Documentation