Senior Design Center @ CSC

The Senior Design Center of the Computer Science Department oversees CSC492—the Senior Design capstone course of the CSC undergraduate program at NC State.

Class Information
Spring 2024

Section 1: M/W: 9:35-11:25am (EB2-1203A)
Section 2: M/W: 12:50-2:40 (EB2-1203A)
Section 3: T/Th: 9:00-10:50am (EB2-1203A)
Section 4: T/Th: 11:20-1:10pm (EB2-1203A)
Section 5: T/Th: 3:00-4:50pm (EB2-1203A)

Common Time: F: 10:40am-12:30pm (EB2-1025)

Senior Design Lab: EB2-1203A


  • Mr. Landon Gaddy, Teaching Assistant (Section 1)
  • Ms. Sarah Elder, Teaching Assistant (Section 2)
  • Ms. Angela Zhang,, Teaching Assistant (Section 3)
  • Mr. Prathik Velagapudi, Teaching Assistant (Section 4)
  • Mr. Parvez Rashid, Teaching Assistant (Section 5)