Project Sponsorship
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than one project?

Yes. Please submit each project separately.

Do I need a company to sponsor a project? Who can be a sponsor?

While we mostly host industrial sponsors, we also accept proposals from individuals or other types of organizations (including internal to NC State). The requirements and the required fee are the same.

How much does it cost to participate in this program?

We require a fee of $7,500 per project, as this helps with Center operating expenses. This fee does not imply any type of contractual agreement between our sponsors and the Center/students.

Do I have to be local to NC State to sponsor a project?

No. Most of our sponsors are local to the NC State area, but we often host sponsors from all over the country (and on occasion internationally). Sponsoring and mentoring our students via videoconferencing is perfectly acceptable.

Can I make edits after I submit a project proposal?

Yes. Once we review your initial proposal we will get back to you with comments and you will have the opportunity to make additional tweaks. We expect these changes to be mostly in response to our feedback instead of changes that would fundamentally change the project.

Can I choose how many students work on my project?

No. We determine the number of students on each project based on multiple factors including scope, previous student experiences, enrollment numbers, among others.

If I sponsor a project, will I own the IP rights to the work?

Our undergraduate students own the IP of their Senior Design projects unless the sponsoring company draws up an agreement between them and each individual student on the team. If you require that students turn over their IP to you, this agreement should be given to students at first meeting for them to sign. Also, when the project is offered to students (before students choose project), we usually include a statement that says they will be required to sign over IP.

What kind of time commitment should I anticipate when sponsoring a project?

Sponsors are asked to help mentor their Senior Design student team (4-5 students) throughout the semester. Our priority is to educate students and prepare them for their next chapter by using "real-world" scenarios and mentorship. The specific amount of time varies per sponsor and type of project, but sponsors normally meet with students for at least 1 hour per week.