The CSC Senior Design Center

The Senior Design Center (SDC) was created in 1994 to provide Computer Science seniors a value-added capstone learning experience. By 2016, more than 2000 students and over 175 companies have benefited from collaborating on senior design projects.

The added value for students comes through the supportive environment provided by the center's faculty and staff. They provide the direction and teaching that enables students to develop the writing, speaking, interpersonal and project management skills needed to make a difference in today's technology industry.

The added value for companies who sponsor senior design projects comes from the opportunity to meet and work with graduating seniors who will be entering the work force — a great recruitment opportunity — as well as project results that student teams provide.

Sponsorship involves presenting a problem, mentoring a team during the semester, and providing financial support.

A $7,500 fee supports one student team committed to working on one project for one semester. The team devotes an average of 30-40 person hours per week over the 15-week semester — a total of 450-600 hours of dedicated time per project. Companies may also participate as project sponsors through their involvement in the department's ePartners Program.